Camping le Papillon

Camping le Papillon

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Our mobilhomes are at the upper terrace. Each of them has a small garden with a lovely view. Here you will find garden furniture and also a clotheshorse.


Inside you will find 2 bedrooms with a built-in wardrobe.

One of them has a doubble bed and the other 2 single beds.

The beds are already made. If you arrive late in the evening you can directly dive into your beds.

The toilet and the bathroom  are both separated rooms.

The bathroom has got a shower and a washbasin.

In the livingroom there is a spacious sitting area and a fully equipped kitchen with a fridge, coffee maker and a gas cooker.


Our tent is fully equipped for 4 persons.

There are 2 bedrooms. One with 2 camp-beds and the other with 2 sleeping cushions for children. All four are made.

In the tent you will find a normal fridge, a gas cooker with 3 rings and a coffee maker. You also find everything you need for making and eating your meals.

For the late evenings there is also a lamp.

Outside the tent there is garden furniture. Four chairs and a table.

Unload the car and your hollidays are started !

The Bürstner-caravan is fully equipped for 4 persons.
There is a fixed bed for 2 persons. The sitting area is U-shaped. If your are with 4 persons we change the sitting area into a bed for 2 adults. In the kitchen you will find a gas cooker with 3 ings and a fridge. For a normal life you will find all the “tools” you need.
The tent gives you a lot of extra space. Also you will find a garden furniture.
Everything is present for a nice holliday !
For taking a shower or using the toilets we ask you to use the toiletblocks on the campsite.