Camping le Papillon

Camping le Papillon

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Our campsite has been build against a mountain slope. There are several terraces.

Because of the hight difference between those terraces you will have a nice, clear view across the valley from almost every pitch. (look at the photos)


The sizes of the pitches are inbetween 80 and 110 square meters.

Not very large but big enough for caravans and most of the tents.

You will never feel “locked up” because the views will give you a spacious feeling.


Guests with a tent we advise to bring some strong pegs. The ground can be very hard.


At the bottom of this page you will find a plan of the campsite.

Plan of the campsite:

The acces road, from the red arrow until the first corner near by pitch 27, is about 15% steep.

For people with fears of steep slopes we can say:

In the last years everybody, also with heavy caravans, came up the hill.

If you can reach our campsite you can get up !!

Toilet blocks:

On the campsite we have two toilet blocks with hot, warm and cold water. We received a compliment by the French inspection about the quality and the quantity of the sanitary fittings.

In each block you will find: 4 showers, 2 washbasins behind doors, 3 washbasins, 1 baby-bath, 4 washing up facilities and 1 sanitary for handicapped people with a shower, washbasin and a toilet.

In a separate space in the blocks you will find 4 toilets and 2 urinals. On the outside of both builings there is a chemical toilet.

In one of the blocks there is a toilet for children and also a washing machine.

The blocks are cleaned every day.